Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally ....

Last weekend, we took another trip "up north" to check out a place for our family vacation. We had two places in mind. One was in Aiken, two and a half hours north of the cities, and the other in New London. New London is about 90 miles west and north of the cities (110 miles from our house).
Sunset Shores is a resort located on Norway Lake. The resort is smaller than Holiday Camp (resort we stayed at three years ago) but has a lot more going for the kids. If want to see the site check out We did not see the house since it is still under construction but we understand it has 8 bedrooms and large kitchen and living areas both upstairs and downstairs. Seven of the bedrooms have queen beds. A deck runs around the house giving lots of space for hanging out and watching the lake. It is a family run resort and the children in the owner’s family run kids programs for the guests. They have boats to rent and lots to do.
We rented it for the week starting with Saturday, July 24. It should prove to be great place for a Minnesota vacation. There is a riding stable nearby for the kids who might want to rent a horse. Mike is going to rent a boat for the week (after I ask him and he says yes) so lots of fishing. From all indications, this lake has nice big fish waiting to be caught. Kid’s games, fire ring, swimming beach, miniature golf and lots of other stuff are provided to keep the kids busy. There is real golf for Mike and Eric. Jeanne and I are anxious for the kids to see the largest ball of twine in the world. One of the highlights of a trip to Minnesota! 
Hopefully, Tammy and the girls can come out early so we can show them the Twin Cities. Josie plays the violin but I am not sure she has ever been to a real symphonic concert before so it would be nice to take her to the Minnesota Symphony while they are here. Sasha might enjoy a play at the Children’s Theater. There is lots to see in the Twin Cities and the girls are now of an age where it would be fun showing off the Cities.
We hope everyone can get here early or leave late so they can see their grandmother. Dot is pushing 98 and starting to show her age. It would be nice for the grand kids to see her before something really serious happens to her.
In addition, to our kids we have invited David and Mel and their kids to join us for the week. When your family is spread out across the nation, you need to find a way to bring them all together, including cousins, aunts and uncles. This is out way to stay connected.


  1. you mean AITKIN. lol. so which is the house at? aitkin or new london? you didnt say which city holds the house you chose. Hope you have a great time there! We spent the afternoon yesterday at the OPERA! it was wonderful!

  2. Imagine two towns in Minnesota that are almost spelled the same. Amazing! Who would have thought!

    We are going to be in New London about 90 miles west and a wee bit north of here. Near Wilmar.So far we have our immedate 11 and about six more relatives (aunts and cousins) coming for a week starting July 23.